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Column "My Cool Japan"

Column "My Cool Japan"

We introduce "Cool Japan" that people who are active in various fields felt through their own experiences.

Radboud Molijn

#14August 6, 2018

Radboud Molijnentrepreneur

Cool Japan, Hot Holland

On July 5, 2018 “Ecce Homo”, one of Rembrandt’s finest prints, was sold at Christie’s in London for € 3mln. or ¥ 390 mln. The print, dating from 1655, shows Rembrandt’s mastership on …

Hidemi Fukuhara

#13March 23, 2018

Hidemi FukuharaMovie and Stage Producer

Pioneering the Empty Night Entertainment Market

SAKURA is a theater show that combines Japanese pop culture, traditional art, and the latest technology. I took part in producing that show, which was held in Meijiza in Nihonbashi …

Keiko Watanabe

#12August 4, 2017

Yasumichi MoritaCEO / Designer of GLAMOROUS co., ltd.

Tradition and Innovation in Embodying “Cool Japan By Myself”

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve embodied the values of Cool Japan by myself while working overseas until now (laughs). I worked overseas …

Keiko Watanabe

#11March 31, 2017

Keiko WatanabeArtistic Director of MOKUBA

MOKUBA Ribbons: Sweeping the World off Its Feet

Established in 1967, MOKUBA is a company that has continued to design and produce ribbons of the highest quality …

Reiko Sudo

#10December 9, 2016

Reiko SudoTextile Designer

Cool Japan, a Life of Love for Fabrics

I was born and raised in Kakioka in Ishioka city located two hours north of Tokyo by train and on the north side of Mount Tsukuba. It’s a rural town with abundant nature and known …

Kenichi Watanabe

#9September 5, 2016

Kenichi WatanabePresident and Experience Designer of XPJP Inc.
Representative Director and Social Designer of General Incorporated Association GENKI JAPAN

Experience Design in Japan

The Three Mountains of Dewa (today known as Yamagata…

Ryoichi Matsuyama

#8April 28, 2016

Ryoichi MatsuyamaPresident of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Inbound and Cool Japan

As a result of the Inbound Strategies that the Japanese government has made a concerted effort to promote for a number of years, interest in Japan has increased and foreign tourists…

Takeshi Natsuno

#7November 13, 2015

Takeshi NatsunoGraduate School of Media and Governance,
Keio University Guest Professor

Let there be a great plan and much talk about Cool Japan Strategy

Has it been around two or three years since the term “Cool…

Shoei Utsuda

#6May 18, 2015

Shoei UtsudaAdvisor, Mitsui & Co.

Japan’s food culture is something to treasure

I have always loved the sea, ever since I was a child. That’s why lots of my interests are linked to the sea, such as scuba diving…

Tak Umezawa

#5April 8, 2015

Tak UmezawaJapan Chairman and Partner, A.T. Kearney

Diversity is the key to innovating Japanese culture

In support of the Cool Japan initiative, I have many opportunities to introduce Japanese creative content to foreign guests. …

Fashion Director/ Journalist/ Blogger

#4October 22, 2014

Misha JanetteFashion Director/ Journalist/ Blogger

JAPAN'S "Low Fashion Crime Rate Breeds Subcultures"

When people ask me the defining characteristic of Tokyo and it’s colorful unique fashion scene, I tell them this: “The fashion…

Attorney at Law / Director, Cool Japan Fund

#3September 19, 2014

Izumi HayashiAttorney at Law / Director, Cool Japan Fund

The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki is Cool.

In the photograph, I’m wearing a kimono for the Reopening Ceremony of the Kabuki-za, but normally I’m a completely different person. I’m a lawyer who specializes primarily…

Deputy Chairman, Daiwa Institute of Research  Director, Cool Japan Fund

#2August 20, 2014

Yusuke KawamuraDeputy Chairman, Daiwa Institute of Research/ Director, Cool Japan Fund

Cool Japan Graffiti

One evening more than 30 years ago, back when I lived in Seattle, the big setting sun bathed the just-turning colours of…

CEO, Cool Japan Fund Inc. Nobuyuki Ota

#1April 24, 2014

Nobuyuki OtaCEO, Cool Japan Fund Inc.

Japanese Fabrics Valued Worldwide

The French Fashion Federation holds Paris Fashion Week, - the World Cup of the fashion world - as a platform for the world’s greatest fashion designers to present their new collections. …