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Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Report (2013)

Investment Criteria of Cool Japan Fund consists of 2 components: “Criteria fulfilled by target enterprises” and “Criteria applicable for Cool Japan Fund’s investment policy”.

Qualitative Criteria

① Purpose


  • ・Cultivate overseas demand for excellent Japanese products/services
  • ・Build brand awareness of Japan in global markets
  • ・Drive domestic economic growth

② Profitability


  • ・Sound managerial structure
  • ・Co-investment from private companies, etc.
  • ・Feasible exit scenario

③ Knock on effect

Satisfy at least one of the followings

  • ・Collaboration among various businesses and industries
  • ・Broadcasting effect to consumers worldwide
  • ・Pioneer in overseas markets
  • ・Provide common platform to facilitate regional SMEs and sole proprietors, etc. to go abroad
Quantitative Criteria  
  • ・Ensure reasonable returns
After Investment
  • ・Monitor KPIs, set based upon the investment policy of Cool Japan Fund ((1) Purpose, (2) Profitability and (3) Knock-on effect) as investment executed