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CEO, Kenichi Kawasaki

The world is currently experiencing the unprecedented fight against the COVID-19. This situation rapidly transforms people’s lifestyles in some ways such as digitalization, workstyle reform, and changes of communication. Businesses in the Cool Japan Fund's key investment areas—Media & Content, Food & Services, Fashion & Lifestyle and Inbound Services—are also being required to respond to such changes. On the other hand, I believe that the businesses rooted in Japanese lifestyle culture have huge and universal potential to attract people around the world regardless of such changes.

The Cool Japan Fund aims to have a major influence on the Japanese industry from medium- to long-term perspectives by proactively investing in meaningful projects in accordance with the policy, demonstrating the allure of Japanese culture and lifestyles to the world, and turning them into value. As we move toward a new stage of investment, seven years after our establishment, we will provide risk capital for businesses that can create new value for the post-COVID-19 era — including projects which promote digital transformation, provide an online platforms, and create higher added value for tourism services — sensing and reacting to changes in the global market accordingly.

Now that people's living environment is changing drastically, we would like to send out such attractive products and services that Japan is proud of to the world, which can restore people’s peace mind, convey emotions, and harmonize with the environment.

While sharing our passion with everyone, we are strongly committed to support industrial development in the field of Cool Japan.

Kenichi Kawasaki
President, CEO and COO
Cool Japan Fund Inc.


April 1980
Joined Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
April 2012
President and Representative Director, Daiwa Securities SMBC Principal
Investments Co. Ltd. and Daiwa PI Partners Co. Ltd.
April 2014
President & CEO, Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.
April 2017
Corporate Advisor, Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.
April 2019
Joined Cool Japan Fund Inc.
June 2019
Executive Corporate Officer, Cool Japan Fund Inc.
June 2021
President and CEO, Cool Japan Fund Inc.
August 2022
President, CEO and COO, Cool Japan Fund Inc. (Present Post)